What I’ve Been Up To…

Well… Since coming back last fall from the incredible theatre production “Refuge” I did in Nova Scotia, I decided it was time to give “Wardrobe Shark” some much needed attention! And it was well worth it! I have been doing ads and promotion, and have picked up some new clients! Now it is time for YOU! Home organization estimates are NO CHARGE! You have NOTHING to lose except unwanted clutter! And closets take just an afternoon for you to see your own possibilities! See the new pictures here on my site! I hope the before and after photos inspire you!

Also… I have a NEW a cappella group! It’s been a couple of years, but now it is time to introduce you to EVEaloution! Check out the new bio & photo! We have been having a great time learning new pieces and getting new music ready for a couple of spring events. Keep checking here for updates and performances!

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Shelley Hamilton