The Play “A New Hope”

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The Story of the 1st African Canadian Communities in Canada


Created by Shelley Hamilton in collaboration with Stan Christie


“A New Hope” is a one-woman play based on the historical accounts of British North America in 1791 to improve the conditions of the Black Loyalists in Nova Scotia and to promote the colonization of Sierra Leone in Africa. The storyteller, through the voices of those who made the journey to Nova Scotia, tells of their hardships and hopes for a better life in this new land. Many found hope in the promises of John Clarkson, with the departure for some to Sierra Leone, Africa in 1792. The year 2008 marks the 225th anniversary of the Black Loyalists’ arrival in Nova Scotia and their creation of the 1st large free Black Community living in the world outside of Africa. “New Hope” is a play created in honour of this celebration.

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Shelley Hamilton