What I Do

  • Organization of wardrobe or home that works for YOU
  • Personal Shopping
  • Hair & Make up consultations
  • Staging for house sale
  • Consultations for: special occasion, job interview, age appropriate dressing, 1st date, and of course… your home!


All within a budget that works for YOU! My credo is fashion is not a price tag, it’s an informed decision on how to dress!  For low to middle class incomes


  • Teen & adult consults for apropos clothing, hair, and make-up (age appropriate)
  • Consult for special occasions (Eg: special party, job interview)
  • General fashion consults for age & profession appropriate dressing
  • Men: how to impress for that blind date and/or 1st impression (Eg: job interview)


Where? The place of the crime … your closet (or home)!


When? At a time that works for both of us; we can work it around your schedule. Closets usually take about 3-4 hrs. Once I assess your home, I’ll give you an estimate before we proceed. (Rates are $100 for 3 hr (min.), with block prices for larger projects).


Why? Because you deserve it, and I can show you how attainable, fun, and affordable it is to update your wardrobe and/or clear that household clutter!


How? By using YOUR insight on what works for YOU, we develop a plan that will give you a better definition of what you want your clothes (or home) to say about you. If needed, I can introduce a few simple pieces, take the guesswork out of… “what to wear?” or, for your home …”where to put that”!