Who Is The Shark?


Wardrobe Shark – Wardrobe & Home Organization Consulting

“This polished look cost only $10! Let the Wardrobe Shark show you how!”

Hi… I’m Shelley Hamilton. For over 25 years, I have worked in Canada & abroad as a professional singer, actor, teacher and host. During those years, I’ve also worked in retail, from the highest of high end (Creeds) to specialty shops and main stream stores. Those years in fashion & using that experience in the entertainment industry taught me that presenting your best image is essential. As the saying goes, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”

Being conscious of giving a good impression at all times (excluding walking the dog!) had people taking notice, but when I told people the prices of my ensembles (including accessories!), I realized this natural ability to “sniff out a great bargain” was a skill I needed to pass on; to show others fashion can be fun, inexpensive, attainable, and effortless! So, when asked by friends to do closets/wardrobes for them, I started showing them how to pull together great outfits with what they had & if needed, where to find great clothing deals to help them define their own sense of style & de-clutter their wardrobes; I even gave hair, skin, & make-up advice. The more I started doing it, the more people were requesting my services and voilà…Wardrobe Shark was born!

Wardrobe Shark has now evolved into home organization! Whether it’s one room, a section of your home, or the whole abode! Giving people the opportunity to see and feel a new reflection of themselves in their clothing and their homes is one of the greatest gifts a person can give themselves! When you don’t know where to start or how… I DO, and can give you tools to help you keep the clutter clear! I can even help with “staging” for home sale!

There is an obvious need for women and men to understand that their own personal sense of style & home is possible AND affordable. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can be perfect for YOU! Everyone deserves to be the best they can be for themselves and I can show you how! This is real wardrobe & home help for everyday people like you and me. You don’t need a million dollar home or wardrobe, but if it can FEEL that way for you… now, that’s PRICELESS!


Taking a bite out of your worst clothes & household clutter
One room at a time!